From Mince Pies to Birds of Paradise: a Conversation about Palm Oil
Published 2/17/2019 in 2G3S
This was the first of our Conversation Evenings, held at The Rose, Stapleford, on 8 January.  There was a good turn-out on a winter's evening to hear Janet O'Boyle introduce the subject before opening up a more general conversation. Summary: Production and uses The main producers are Indonesia and Malaysia. Oil palm is...

History Society

Six Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Stapleford
Published 3/27/2019 in Stapleford History Society
"Six Things you (probably) didn't know about Stapleford" A talk by Helen Harwood, 12 March 2019 We were delighted to persuade Helen Harwood, the all-but-official historian of Great Shelford, to cross the frontier – see, Mr Trump: no wall necessary! – with more Stapleford curiosities. As she reminded us, the two villages have always been...


Phoenix Nights
Published 9/21/2018 in Stapleford Phoenix
Another year, another award ceremony, another night out. 500 odd for 18 was the final damage inflicted by the Indian opposition though Stuart wasn't impressed with the extras conceded. It was such a mammoth session some of us missed the last train home and had to rely on a Panther. With five...


TdS 2019
Published 3/9/2019 in Tour de Stapleford
TdS 2019 is on!  Morning of Sunday 23rd June.