Pioneering WaterWorks project on the Fens
Published 3/5/2020 in 2G3S
Water Works is a two year project aiming to look at ways to develop a more sustainable future for fenland resources – its soil, water and people. The project is trialing new farming methods designed to protect our precious peat soils and water resources, by using new science and technology to develop...

History Society

What's Beneath Our Village - Report on Test Pit Excavations
Published 10/11/2019 in Stapleford History Society
Stapleford – What’s Beneath our Village? This was the question posed at the Pavilion on 6 October at the talk and presentation of results of the Archaeological Test Pit Excavations carried out in 33 locations in the village between 2013 and 2017. From the first evidence of a settlement around the ninth...


The 2020 Season Arrives
Published 3/7/2020 in Stapleford Phoenix
Stapleford phoenix
The Phoenix fixture list is now full to brimming as we make our league debut. We are in Division 3 of the Business House League, and will have another crack a Pye Cup glory. So with all the friendlies added we have at least one match every week throughout the whole of...