Published 4/21/2019 in 2G3S
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History Society

Six Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Stapleford
Published 3/27/2019 in Stapleford History Society
"Six Things you (probably) didn't know about Stapleford" A talk by Helen Harwood, 12 March 2019 We were delighted to persuade Helen Harwood, the all-but-official historian of Great Shelford, to cross the frontier – see, Mr Trump: no wall necessary! – with more Stapleford curiosities. As she reminded us, the two villages have always been...


Phoenix vs St Barnabas
Published 4/29/2019 in Stapleford Phoenix
Stapleford phoenix
Phoenix won by 20 runs Our first fixture of the season ended in a comprehensive victory with every Phoenixer making a significant contribution. It was the first time we had beaten St Barnabas, who have plenty of useful players. Gareth won the toss (yay/phew given the amount of available light) and we...


TdS 2019
Published 3/9/2019 in Tour de Stapleford
TdS 2019 is on!  Morning of Sunday 23rd June.