2G3S response to Green Infrastructure Survey
Published 7/22/2020 in 2G3S
2G3S have responded to a ‘Green Infrastructure Survey’ organised by LUC (environmental management consultants) on behalf of SCDC and CCC.  You can see our response here.  We also submitted a map (based on Stapleford and Great Shelford Neighbourhood Plan recommendations). Many thanks to Yasmin who co-ordinated the work on this. Notes Earlier this...

History Society

What's Beneath Our Village - Report on Test Pit Excavations
Published 10/11/2019 in Stapleford History Society
Stapleford – What’s Beneath our Village? This was the question posed at the Pavilion on 6 October at the talk and presentation of results of the Archaeological Test Pit Excavations carried out in 33 locations in the village between 2013 and 2017. From the first evidence of a settlement around the ninth...


The new season finally here?
Published 7/3/2020 in Stapleford Phoenix