Spring 2019 Newsletter
Published 5/22/2019 in 2G3S
The 2G3S Spring 2019 Newsletter is available to download here: Spring 2019 newsletter

History Society

Six Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Stapleford
Published 3/27/2019 in Stapleford History Society
"Six Things you (probably) didn't know about Stapleford" A talk by Helen Harwood, 12 March 2019 We were delighted to persuade Helen Harwood, the all-but-official historian of Great Shelford, to cross the frontier – see, Mr Trump: no wall necessary! – with more Stapleford curiosities. As she reminded us, the two villages have always been...


IPH vs Phoenix
Published 6/3/2019 in Stapleford Phoenix
Stapleford phoenix
Well done to the 10 men for pulling off a fine victory against strong opposition. Or should that be nine and a half men? Two of our number were, like Dudley Moore's Tarzan, noticeably deficient in the leg department. It didn't matter. The skipper - due to an unexpected pottery class...
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TdS Sunday 23rd June 2019
Published 5/21/2019 in Tour de Stapleford
Schedule for the day is as follows:- 8.00 Signs out and Set up 9.45-10.20 Dr Bike - Must have correctly sized and roadworthy cycle to participate 9.50 Marshalls briefing 10.00 Signing on 10.10 Riders Briefing -  The route can be found here 10.15 First bikes away 10.30 Last bikes away followed by sweepers 11.15 First Bacon Butties served 12.00 Finish...