Newsletter Extra September 2021
Published 9/22/2021 in 2G3S
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History Society

The Cam From Mill Pool to Baites Bite - Mike Petty
Published 5/26/2021 in Stapleford History Society
At one time there were three mills using the flow of water into the Mill Pool on the River Cam and this was also the end of the river navigable by commercial barges. As the colleges grew and also the population of the town increased, large amounts of coal and food...


Phoenix v Arm
Published 8/11/2021 in Stapleford Phoenix
Another match, another exciting finish. The Phoenix scoffs at comfortable victories; it laughs at being back in the pub by 8pm; it sizes up that gift horse and then looks it right in the mouth. Yes, a win but with only one ball to spare – in spite of having an...