Don't forget to respond to the Sawston Greenway consultation
Published 7/31/2019 in 2G3S
We are hoping that the Greater Cambridge Partnership will go ahead with the construction of a 'Greenway' (a route for cyclists, walkers and equestrians) from Cambridge through Stapleford to Sawston.  They are gauging public support for the project by means of a survey; responses have to be in by end...

History Society

Ports, Waterways and Railways
Published 7/14/2019 in Stapleford History Society
Ports, Waterways and Railways :  a talk by Tony Kirby History Society members were treated to an authoritative lecture on the economic development of East Anglia between the Middle Ages and the present, all disguised as a slide show. The first slide of a 1911 map clearly shows that the East Anglian...


Sharks vs Phoenix
Published 7/10/2019 in Stapleford Phoenix
Stapleford phoenix
Not so much a game of two halves, more one of four overs and then another 36. After 24 balls the scoreboard read Sharks runs 10 Phoenix wickets 5. Yes, you read that right - 10-5. Ten for five! Fast forward a couple of hours later and we were contemplating a 30-run...


TdS Sunday 23rd June 2019
Published 5/21/2019 in Tour de Stapleford
Schedule for the day is as follows:- 8.00 Signs out and Set up 9.45-10.20 Dr Bike - Must have correctly sized and roadworthy cycle to participate 9.50 Marshalls briefing 10.00 Signing on 10.10 Riders Briefing -  The route can be found here 10.15 First bikes away 10.30 Last bikes away followed by sweepers 11.15 First Bacon Butties served 12.00 Finish...